Green Party Declare War on Pokies

Today, on the TV One’s breakfast show, a spokesperson for the Green Party declared war on the New Zealand government and on pokies in general.

The spokesperson launched into a well rehearsed attack on the current government when talking about the potential convention centre SkyCity wishes to build, which in return they would like another 500 pokies in their casino.

The convention centre is for the good of the New Zealand people and is being paid for by SkyCity, yet some people are not content with this and are using it as a means to goad the current government. The Green Party spokesperson did just this by saying that the government is in cahoots with what they class as a damaging industry and that SkyCity’s casino is a cause of crime.

Below is the full tirade of the Green Party about the issue:

“You’re getting the Government suggesting they will be complicit in what is a harmful industry in order to deliver what Auckland needs, which is a convention centre, it is not on,”

“If you’re looking at at least 500 more pokies at the casino you’re looking at at least 500 more problem gamblers and you are also looking at the other social indicators of crime.

“The casino is an engine of crime it can’t exist without money launderers and problem gamblers.”

Pokies have long been a much enjoyed form of entertainment in New Zealand and the SkyCity casino is also an attractive reason for people to visit New Zealand, along with other factors.

Many will question the ethics of the government around SkyCity and the pokies, many others will be on the side of SkyCity and the government, either way the flare up about this seems to be growing instead of dissipating.

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