Face recognition software installed at Gisborne nearby casinos for self excluded players

Gisborne Casinos New Zealand

In the latest development the New Zealand Community Trust (NZCT) announced that it will install face recognition software at their Gisborne venues. As a pre-emptive measure, this will help self-excluded players to stay away from gambling. According to Mike Knell, the CEO of NZCT, the implementation is part of a legal obligation to help problem gamblers.

Knell also claims that the technology is vital to self-indication and exclusion for players being treated in Gisborne. Using the technology will help prevent gambling-related harm, a growing concern in New Zealand. While there are very few self-excluded gambling addicts, Knell claims the widespread implementation will help far more problem gamblers.

Casinos in Gisborne

Gisborne casinos NZ face recognition

Gisborne is certainly a medium town in New Zealand that holds some 36100 inhabitants. Though there are no casinos as such in Gisborne but it has some of the  fantastic neighbouring gambling venues, among them Skycity Casino Hamilton, Skycity Casino & Hotel Auckland, Casino Christchurch, Casino Dunedin and Skycity Casino Queenstown.

With lots of slots, table games, Keno and Bingo and live dealer games playing here is simple and easy to understand. That is because  games croupiers are there to help you learn the rules if you would like them to. So even when you don’t know the rules of Blackjack, Roulette or Poker, don’t be nervous, the rules of these classic games will soon enough be crystal clear!

Whether it’s with an LCD screen or just ordinary, there are varied sorts of different slot machine games to try your luck!

What’s terrific in a seaside space like Gisborne, is that you can go and experience a gripping time at the casinos, experiment with water sports and sincerely unwind. Not to mention the option of taking a wander through the streets which are lined with an array of shops and perhaps stopping off for some refreshments in the restaurants and bars. Also the town of Gisborne has numerous historic and cultural places. This is the most suitable chance to discover the rich culture and past it contains.
This means Gisborne is blessed to have myriad places to see: bars, shops, restaurants and entertainment, etc.  To really get the most out of Gisborne, make certain you don’t forget East Cape Lighthouse, Rere Rockslide, Tairawhiti Museum, Rere Falls and Gisborne i-SITE Visitor Information Centre as they’re real must-sees!

Also enjoy the local culinary pleasures and if you enjoy partying, do not miss the wealth of clubs, bars and nightlife spots you’ll find in the centre of Gisborne.

Facial recognition software

Face recognition software at NZ casinos

In New Zealand Facial recognition technology became fully operational last year, allowing casinos to install it as the NZCT will be joining these venues in protecting players. Facial recognition technology is an important innovation for helping self-identified problem gamblers stay out of temptation’s way by stopping them getting into gaming rooms from which they have chosen to exclude themselves.

Statements from Knell confirm implementation at nine venues so far. Also the Trust is planning to install the tech at every gambling venue they own. This technology won’t just be used for recognising problem gamblers. In fact, facial recognition was created to identify card counters and other players cheating casinos. Using this at casinos in New Zealand could help prevent gambling crimes and will have the widespread impact of being monitored could lose casinos valuable profits.

BeSpoke software the new system developed

Problem Gambling at casinos

According to reports, the new technology has been specifically developed for the NZ gambling industry. So, Torutek and COMs Systems partnered to create the system for all gaming venues. Added to this, the bespoke software is now being advertised across the islands as part of a government campaign. Added support from anti-gambling campaigns has pushed the move to implement the software.

This software watches players through CCTV entering gaming rooms and checks their faces against a voluntary photo database. Any matches will be dealt with quietly and gracefully to help players leave. The casino has the responsibility to check the person’s ID after being alerted.

The success of facial recognition has been proven at 15 gaming venues in New Zealand. By May 2018, 15 venues were using the tech to help self-excluded players. Now, other venues will probably follow suit before they’re legally required to, like the ones operated by the NZCT.

NZCT’s gaming rooms are at Aladdin’s Bar and Tavern, Bar 59, Bollywood Stars, Brezz’n Sports Bar, Shipwreck and Sugar. NZCT will encourage the operators of the other two gaming venues in Gisborne to consider installing these technology to tackle gambling issues.

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