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Christchurch Casino
Christchurch Casino

About Christchurch Casino

This casino is located in Christchurch, New Zealand offering casino games. It is spread across 43,998 sq. ft. (4,087.5 m2) casino was New Zealand’s first casino when it started in 1994. The property features three restaurants and two bars. To enter is restricted to patrons above the age of 20.

Christchurch offers many casino options to players from around the world. It offers a great place to play classic casino games, humble hospitality, and big jackpots. It is run by Skyline Enterprises, which makes sure that its brand reputation is maintained.

You can try out the top-quality restaurants to enjoy while getting luxury accommodations in the best hotels. Online Casino Christchurch NZ provides a shuttle service for free. There are over 500 machines to play on and 36 high-stakes tables to bet on table games.


Christchurch Casino General Info
EstablishedYear 1994
Address30 Victoria Street, Christchurch, New Zealand
Opening hoursVaries and open from noon to midnight
Phone03 365 9999
Christchurch Casino Reviews

Pros and Cons

Wide variety of gaming options including pokies, table games, and pokerCan be crowded and noisy, especially during peak hours
Convenient location in the heart of ChristchurchSmoking is allowed on the casino floor, which may bother non-smokers
Spacious and well-maintained facilitiesSome visitors may find the minimum bets too high
Quality customer service with knowledgeable staff
Good selection of dining options
Pros and Cons of Christchurch casino online pokies

Features of Christchurch Casino

1. Games to Play

Games to play
Games to play

Players Club Desk is the place to start your gambling thrill at Online Casino Christchurch NZ – there’s a lot you can do here, and it is always suggested to ask their customer support for guidance. You will find over 500 pokies across two floors and 36 table games. You will get to know all about their many promotional offers which are hosted daily and cover all available gaming brackets. The selection of pokies is excellent, with machines you won’t find anywhere else in all of Canterbury.

Here you will poker tournaments and cash games also that are hosted regularly and attract players of all skill levels and budgets.

On their website, you can also play online versions of their table games for free: baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and poker.

The most popular games include baccarat, blackjack, Tai Sai, poker, 3-card poker, Texas hold ’em poker, casino war rapid roulette, and more.

2. Promotions


The casino offers many reward programs to the visitors, which promise an entertaining time for them. There are several offers like free birthday means, parties, anniversary celebrations, and on-request announcements. You can also plan a wedding while booking the Christchurch Casino for your guests.

3. Age Restriction

To visit the Christchurch Casino the minimum age is 20 years. You need to provide valid ID proof registered with any government office. There is a separate gaming area where the below 20 guests can enjoy no-money games as well as other arcade games.

4. Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages
Food and Beverages

The Christchurch casino features an in-house bar and restaurant of the top class. You can enjoy the most delicious cuisines or enjoy the entertaining bartenders who make you the finest cocktails. It is an enjoyable environment inside the bar and restaurant which provides a completely different experience than the casino.

5. Payments

The casino accepts cash and card payments. There are multiple ATMs alongside the casino for quick cash withdrawals.

6. Loyalty Rewards

There are special loyalty rewards that you will find in the casino for regular guests. You can sign up for the premiere reward program with which you can redeem reward points. You will also receive discounts on the onsite restaurants, bars, and parking facilities.

The gifts of the premium dollar bonus club include credits that you can use for playing games and free betting chips. There is a VIP gaming lounge, Club Aspinall, which is an invite-only area. A member of the premium dollar bonus club can also grant access to this VIP area. One can also get free meals for birthdays in the Grand café.

7. Hotel Accommodations

Hotel Accommodations
Hotel Accommodations

The casino does not offer lodging amenities, instead, customers may stay at nearby hotels or motels. It is a convenient location in the centre of the city means the facilities are within a five-minute walk from many hotels with different accommodations. Shuttles are offered to and from local hotels.

8. Dining

From fine dining to tasty barbecue food, this is a place of good food, and you’ll surely be able to find something to suit your taste. Chi Kitchen offers a traditional Cantonese menu in a contemporary, minimalist ambient. In case you prefer classic local dishes, The Grand Café serves breakfast, and lunch and a three-course dinner is a perfect fit which is prepared using seasonal ingredients and the best local beef, chicken, and fish meat. Visit Monza Sports Bar where you can watch live sports events while enjoying large pizzas and BBQ ribs.

9. Nightlife/Entertainment

Nightlife Entertainment
Nightlife Entertainment

If you’re looking for some classic fun time, Valley Bar will be your primary destination whether by day or night. It is located right next to the gaming floors, so when you decide to take a break, you can come here and relax with a nice cup of coffee or a quick snack. During the weekend live bands are playing all sorts of great music.

10. Reward Deals

Reward Deals
Reward Deals

It has an exclusive loyalty program called Players Club. The entry is free for all and only requires filling out the application form. As a member receive a card you can use to earn loyalty points from gaming or food and beverage purchases.

There are many amazing benefits to enjoy with special offers and discounts at bars, restaurants, and gambling areas. When you collect enough points, you will be entitled to free car parking and bingo.

If you do not want to join as a patron, you to join the Players Club and will still have access to a host of promotions every day. The schedule can be found on the website and undergoes regular updates.

11. The home of the Poker Championship

The home of the poker championship
The home of the poker championship

Christchurch’s Casino is a well-known place for its poker games, and while not everyone knows it, poker plays flock annually to the casino to play for the country’s poker championship.

Not interested? You still can buy in on Christchurch Casino’s daily poker games for as little as &75.

12. Players Club App

Players club app
Players club app

Christchurch Casino Players Club app is available at App Store and Google Play for Kiwis. With the app, you can remain connected from anywhere with their amazing app.

The app is working on a loyalty system where you can win prizes regularly by scratching or you can stay informed about all casino events and special offers for players. Also, all Christchurch casino visitors can check out their account balances with this great app.

Christchurch Casino Dress Code

The management of Christchurch Casino places great emphasis on the presentation of its patrons and therefore requires visitors to dress in a smart and neat manner. It is important to note that the casino reserves the right to refuse entry to individuals who do not meet the dress code policy. This policy applies to all areas of the casino, including restaurants, bars, and gaming rooms.

To maintain its standard of smart and neat presentation, Christchurch Casino has a strict policy on certain items of clothing that are not permitted on the premises. Visitors are advised that the following items of clothing are not allowed in the casino:

  • Beanies are not allowed
  • Clothing with obvious signs of being stained or dirty is not allowed
  • Steel-capped boots are not allowed
  • Clothing with offensive designs or words is not allowed
  • Gang patches or other gang insignias are not allowed
  • Any clothing deemed not acceptable for Christchurch Casino may also be prohibited
  • Failure to adhere to the dress code policy may result in being refused entry to the casino

A dress code policy is in place to ensure all visitors feel comfortable and safe. Visitors should dress appropriately and be mindful of the policy to enjoy their experience at Christchurch Online Casino.

Safety and Security

Christchurch Online Casino places high importance on the safety and security of its visitors. The casino is equipped with advanced security systems including CCTV cameras and a team of experienced security staff to handle any potential threats. Security personnel monitor visitors to maintain a safe and secure environment. The casino management continuously reviews and updates its security measures to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest industry standards. Visitors can enjoy their time at the casino with peace of mind knowing that their safety is a top priority.

Customer Service

Christchurch Casino’s customer service team is highly efficient and professional, providing prompt and courteous assistance to visitors. If you have any queries or want to visit this casino then below is the information regarding this

The casino management places high importance on the quality of customer service and staff is trained to go above and beyond to ensure visitors have a positive experience. The staff is friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable about all aspects of the casino, providing visitors with information on gaming, dining, and other facilities.


1. How many pokies machines are available to play?

Here at Christchurch casino offers more than 500 pokies machines.

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2. What is the dress code?

Well-groomed and fine clothing style is always necessary when visiting a casino. However, at Christchurch, you do not have such strict rules so it is quite okay to visit even if you want to wear something simpler like jeans.

3. When and what events are offered?

You can find what’s on your will always find on their web page. They update web pages with current events at Christchurch Casino.

4. What is the age limit of Christchurch casino online?

Individuals of 20 years or above are allowed to enter the casino. You must carry some age proof in order to enter the casino and practice responsible gambling.

5. How do I join the player’s loyalty club program?

Upon presentation of current photo identification to the Players Club desk situated on the Main Gaming Floor, you can join for free and immediately begin enjoying the benefits.


Christchurch Casino offers a wide range of gaming options, quality customer service, and convenient facilities in the heart of Christchurch. Visitors can enjoy a variety of pokies, table games, and poker, as well as a good selection of dining options. The casino’s spacious and well-maintained facilities provide a comfortable atmosphere for gaming enthusiasts, and the knowledgeable and friendly staff are always on hand to assist visitors. However, the dress code and smoking allowance on the casino floor may be a drawback for some visitors. Overall, Christchurch Casino is a great option for those looking for an exciting gaming experience in a central location with excellent customer service.