Abandoned Children at SkyCity Casino

skycity-auckland-logoA new revelation is causing an uncomfortable position for SkyCity this week, this revelation is actually related to children at the casino. If you are intrigued, then you will be shocked and surprised at what you are about to find out.

SkyCity has always shown itself to be a thoughtful casino that tries to be family friendly, but what we have heard goes way beyond anything you could imagine and will leave some of you open mouthed at the audacity of those involved.
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Children at SkyCity Casino

Did you know that in 2011 there were 42 children left in the casino and its huge underground car park unattended? These children were left as their parents were enjoying the fun of the casino.

What a recent report has shown is that whilst the numbers of 2011 are bad, they are lower than 2012. In 2012 there were 49 reported cases of children being left unattended at the casino and its car park; some in fact were left in cars whilst the parents were away.
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Now its important to note that the casino has not been involved in the children being left, however some say it is because of gambling problems this has occurred and this is the reason that the casino is complicit in what has happened.

Metiria Turei of the Green Party has said:

“More children will be left in the car park as a result of this deal,”

“The deal increases problem gambling. And problem gambling neglected kids left in the car park.”

“SkyCity knows that this is going to increase, they know it is already increasing and neither the Government nor SkyCity have done anything about it.”

SkyCity has countered the claims by saying:

“SkyCity has a zero-tolerance towards casino-related unaccompanied children and acts promptly whenever there is an incident,”

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