7 Mental Attributes to Master for Winning Gamblers

7 Mental Attributes to Master for Winning Gamblers
Mental Attributes Of Winners

You must develop a few simple physical skills to gamble, but most people have learned the needed physical skills long before they start gambling. However, understanding the mental skills necessary to be a professional gambler can take most of a lifetime.

The best part is that anyone can learn the mental skills they need to help them when they gamble if they know what they need to remember and where to find the information they need. Here, you will understand the seven mental strategies and skills you should learn to win when you gamble.

7 Mental Skills to Master

1 – Never Stop Learning

Never Stop Learning
Never Stop Learning

Spend a lot of time around winning and losing gamblers. To become a winner, never stop trying to learn. Winning gamblers never stop looking for a new way to play, a new strategy, or a new way to win.

On the other hand, most losing gamblers never tried to learn anything. They weren’t interested in learning what they needed to do if they wanted to win, and instead of being willing to work at winning, they’d rather trust in luck and gamble to forget about something else in their life.

You don’t necessarily have to be keen on learning if you want to be a winning gambler, but you do have to accept that learning is the only way to win.

This is an easy mental strategy to fix. Start learning about gambling as much as you can, and never stop learning. The choice is yours, but if you refuse to put on your learner hat, there’s no reason to continue reading the rest of this post.

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2 – Asking Right Questions

Asking Right Questions
Asking Right Questions

You should love asking questions about gambling and love being around other gamblers who ask questions. To learn how to win when you gamble, you must learn how to ask good questions. Here are some good questions you should be asking.

  • How do casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks make money?
  • Why do some people win when they play blackjack, and why do most people lose?
  • How and where can I use what I learned from the first three questions to make money?
  • What can I do the same as gamblers who are already winning?

These are some examples of good questions; start making a list of other good questions. The more you learn how to ask good questions about gambling, the more you will learn.

3 – Refuse to Give Up

Refuse to Give Up
Refuse to Give Up

It might sound crazy to include a statement like “refuse to lose” in a post about mental strategies that winning gamblers use, but it’s just as important as any other strategy in this post.

A pokie machine player can try to develop a refuse-to-lose attitude, but you know that their attitude doesn’t change the results they get playing pokies. But with a true refuse-to-lose attitude, the slots player will learn that pokie machines aren’t the answer.

Instead of playing pokies, which you can never beat, you start learning about gambling options that give you a chance to win. For example, you learn that some blackjack players win money, so you start playing blackjack.

At first, you’re still losing money, but not as much as you were losing when you were playing slot machines. Then you find a blackjack player who wins, and he or she takes you under their wing and teaches you how to count cards.

Before you know it, your refuse-to-lose attitude has directed you where you need to go to start winning.

4 – Learning From Experts

Learning From Experts-7 Mental Attributes to Master
Learning From Experts

This aspect goes along with every other strategy on this page. Stubborn people try to figure everything out themselves. They repeatedly beat their heads against the same wall, hoping for a better result. This is one of the 7 Mental Attributes to Master.

Smart people look for smarter ways to do things. So, when a smart person is looking for the best way to do something they want, they look around to see if someone else is already doing it. They learn from them and use them in their gambling.

When smart people find someone else doing what they want to do, they start trying to learn from that person or learn the same way that person learned.

If you think about this process, it makes perfect sense for you. So why don’t more people try to learn from people who already know how to do what they want to do? This might not be the obvious answer, but once you start trying to learn from others who are doing what you want to do, you will surely start getting better results.

And you can start getting better results by doing the same thing and following the same process. All you have to do is start learning from an expert.

5 – Understanding Why Things Happen the Way it Happen

Understanding Why Things Happen the Way it Happens
Understanding Why Things Happen the Way it Happens

The average gambler goes to a casino or poker room or places a bet in a sportsbook and has no idea if they’re going to win or lose or why they’re going to win or lose. But winning gamblers know why they win or lose and know what they can and can’t control.

Why do pokies players lose money? These players lose money because they’re gambling on a game designed to lock in a win for the casino.

Why do some poker players win while most poker players lose? Winning poker players know how to use strategy better than their opponents, and they know how to find profitable games.

If you don’t understand why things happen when you gamble, it’s time to learn why things happen. And if you don’t know why you win sometimes, you won’t be able to keep winning until you figure out why.

6 – Thinking Like the Other Side

Thinking Like the Other Side
Thinking Like the Other Side

Posing so many questions about how casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks make money is not just for questioning. The reason why those questions were there wasn’t to convince you that you should open a casino poker room or sportsbook.

These questions are important because you need to learn how to think like gambling businesses if you want to start winning. You have to treat your gambling like a business to figure out how to profit.

It is time to realize whether you are gambling in a way that locks in a profit or are still gambling in a way that only lets you hope to make a profit.

7 – Control Everything Within Your Control

Control Everything Within Your Control-7 Mental Attributes to Master
Control Everything Within Your Control

Gambling businesses control everything they can. And winning gamblers control everything they can.

You control what games you play and how you play them. You also control how much you study, learn, and practice and how much you win or lose. Losing gamblers control how much they lose but don’t even realize they’re in control.

When you have control, you know how much you will win and how long it will take you to win. So the core is you don’t leave anything to chance, like most gamblers.


It has been noticed that most of the winning gamblers follow the skills and mental strategies that you just learned about in this post. If you are not a serious gambler, you would never consider the things listed in this post.

It is time to look for others who were already winning and try to learn as much as you could from them. This post’s seven mental strategies and skills create a large part of what you should learn. Now, it’s your turn to learn from the voice of experience.

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