6 Unconventional Things to Do in Auckland, New Zealand

The world-famous Sky Tower is a sight to see when you are on your visit to New Zealand. Waiheke Island and many other art galleries and local parks are a bucketful of visiting experiences when it comes to sightseeing in New Zealand. Below are some of the unique and quirky New Zealand travel experiences.

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6 Unconventional Things to Do in Auckland, New Zealand

1. Get Pampered in Float Culture Spa

Get Pampered in Float Culture Spa

Let your worries sink the drain with this special spa pampering Float Culture.  The mechanics are that you are put inside a futuristic pod to make you completely weightless. The Epsom salt solution soothes down your skin which is set at skin temperature.

The spa becomes even more relaxing when you are treated with your favourite music to listen to which helps you to ignore all your troubles.

You can enjoy the benefits of sensory deprivation and float Culture. Although it may not be your ordinary tourist attraction, its popularity is beyond doubt. Located in the Auckland suburb of Grafton, its facility houses several flotation pods that are filled with salt-water solution heated to skin temperature.

Once you’re in, the experience is unlike any other, you cannot realize which parts of your body are in or out of the water. The sense of weightlessness is said to have huge physical and psychological benefits – even for those who consider themselves perfectly healthy.

2. Enjoy some Vegan High Tea


For one of Auckland’s absolute best high teas, head along to Five Elements Café Bistro. Taking pride of place on an elevated corner site in Royal Oak, this is a great spot to watch the world go by while tucking into tier upon tier of exquisite treats.

Indeed, this is one seriously lavish line-up and includes delicately flavoured scones (savoury AND sweet)—a trio of gloriously fluffy finger sandwiches, thick with yummy fillings—and beautifully crafted cakes and other treats that, quite honestly, would rival that of many top dessert joints. Add to that a selection of Dilmah’s finest teas and optional bubbles, and you’re in absolute high tea heaven. 

3. Volunteer in a Pest-free Island


Being eco-friendly does not cost anything. Spend some time with nature and volunteer on a pest-free island. Pest-free paradises are hosted by the Department of Conservation in Auckland. Some of the activities include tree planting on Motuora Island, being a camp host on Great Barrier Island, and helping with the well-being of the Tiritiri Matangi.

4. Become a Zombie


There are regular makeup workshops that take place in Auckland and Wellington by BodyFX. If you think you are a Halloween geek during the season, the FX-Zombie school, in particular, will teach you how to turn yourself into a malevolent-looking zombie within five hours. You are just in dire need of some FXpaste, latex, paints, prosthetics, and clay, and bam! You have everything you need to enact a zombie.

But if you are not a big fan of the activity, there are other non-zombie workshops as well where all you need to do is body art and an epic session on wounds and scars.

5. Take up Zombie Survival Challenge


Fear not if this trip is turning out to be a bore for you so far, we have some exciting adventurous activities as well. The Zombie Survival Challenge is a definite must for you which will also be your cup of tea. It is a team-building course and expert combat strategy for you and your colleagues to fight off the zombies and achieve your mission.

  • Fight your way through the Zombie infested bushland and make it to the end to survive. 
  • It has an experienced team of zombie performers, who come with special effects and make-up, have successfully frightened the living daylights out of thousands of New Zealanders – and have kept them coming back for more.
  • You will go through a zombie survival course in the wilderness.
  • Take your family or mates along in this epic survival challenge on either 11th August at 7.00am or 7.30pm or 31st August at 8.00pm. 

6. Play Golf till Twilight

Play Golf till Twilight
Play Golf till Twilight

Big golf fan? Even if you aren’t and want to experience the sport; there is a golf course that offers you 100 golf balls for the price of NZ$13. For the touchdown, the course is open 24/7, even during rains and sunny days, 365 days a year. If you are looking for a breather you can always hit the green. It is located just outside of Auckland Airport.

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Twilight Play is adjusting from 6 pm to 4 pm starting November 1st and lasting until the end of February! This means after 4 pm each day you could play 9 holes for just $10.50 at any of the Lincoln City Golf Courses. It doesn’t get any better than that. Call one of the pro shops or go online to book a tee time.

Specific Twilight Play times during the year!

  • Twilight Play from March to August begins at 7 pm.
  • Play from September to October begins at 6 pm.
  • Twilight Play from November to February begins at 4 pm.


Embark on an unforgettable journey in Auckland with these six unconventional activities, each offering a unique twist to the usual travel itinerary. Experience tranquility in a whole new way at Float Culture Spa’s weightless pods, indulge in a delightful vegan high tea at Five Elements Café Bistro, and contribute to the environment by volunteering on a pest-free island.

For the more adventurous, transform into a zombie at BodyFX’s makeup workshops, test your survival skills against zombies in an exhilarating outdoor challenge, or unwind with twilight golf near Auckland Airport.

These experiences provide a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and eco-consciousness, ensuring a trip filled with diverse and engaging moments.

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