6 Reasons to Visit Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is an all type favorite destination for travelers. People love to visit this small-but-mighty New Zealand resort town due to its diverse experiences, scenic wonders, and amazing vibes.

Here are the most popular reasons that will convince you to visit Queenstown this vacation!

1. Bungy Jumping

Bungy Jumping
Bungy Jumping

In 1988, AJ Hackett established New Zealand’s first commercial Bungy operation. From here the love affair with this thrilling sport just blossomed. The original Kawarau Bridge Bungy is still getting strong today. Kawarau Bridge is the most famous adrenaline-inducing places in the world, which is the only place in Queenstown to offer tandem jumping experiences.

2. Skiing and Snowboarding Terrains are Popular

Skiing and Snowboarding Terrains are Popular.jg
Skiing and Snowboarding Terrains are Popular

Queenstown has many ski resorts. Practically the town is the gateway to some of the very best in New Zealand. Coronet Peak, The Remarkables, Cardrona, and Treble Cone are all within a short drive from the town center, and most of the ski passes will give you access to multiple fields at once. Town transport often includes this in those packages, and you can get them online or upon reaching the venue.

3. The Town Buzz all year Round

The best part of this place is no season affects its activities and buzzes. You will be engaged all year round with some event or the other. Starting from the annual Winter Festival, to cool summer concerts and dynamic live music concerts. Some other popular year-round attractions include hiking, jet boating, canyon swinging, and cruises.

4. The Locals are Quite Friendly

The Locals are Quite Friendly
The Locals are Quite Friendly

Queenstown is known for having friendliest cities in the world. Conde Nast magazine ranks it among the top 10. You will find Kiwis incredibly friendly by nature and are already ready to help anyone who is lost or needs a few extra pointers. They are known for their hospitality, so you will find people working in restaurants, bars, hotels, and retail places quite helpful and friendly.

5. Great Accommodation Options

Great Accommodation Options
Great Accommodation Options

If you are traveling this place in a budget or can splurge on a boutique hotel, you won’t be short of accommodation options in Queenstown. Just keep this in mind that the most luxurious venues from AirBnBs to backpackers, fill up fast. It is great to book your accommodation as early as possible.

6. Scenic Landscapes are in Abundance

Scenic Landscapes are in Abundance
Scenic Landscapes are in Abundance

Lake Wakatipu, a collection of alpine ranges, great vistas and an all-round unspoiled scenery – all these are in abundance in Queensland. This is the best place if you want to make the best of the South Island’s sublime backdrop. Go climbing up Bob’s Peak to get a full panoramic view of the town, or soak up the stunning lakeside views by going on a picnic.


Also, there are many other reasons to visit this great place in New Zealand, I am sure you will not miss out visiting these places on your next trip to this country.

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