Real Money Scratchies At Online Casinos

Real Money Scrachies At Online Casinos
Real Money Scratchies At Online Casinos

Real money scratchies at online casinos are powered by many top brand casino software like RTG, Playtech, Netent, Microgaming, and others. These real money scratchies at online casinos demand real money deposits to play. This means you need to fund your online casino account with real NZD with any of the friendly deposits available at the cashier or banking page to play these scratchies. Also, online casinos bring some security challenges of protecting the accounts of their clientele. All the transactions are protected via a secure socket layer, which is a way of communicating on the Internet that encrypts the message. Almost every establishment like Emu, Casino-Mate, Guts, Mansion and Scratch2Cash use 128-bit encryption, which is the standard practice for most casinos.

If you want to try your luck playing real money scratchies, here are the top 5 most popular and lucrative real money scratchies to play without worrying about transaction security.

Most Popular and Lucrative Real Money Scratchies at online casinos

1. Santa Scratch

Santa Scratch is a Christmas-based scratchie that you can play all year round at Mansion Casino. The value of the card ranges from $AU0.50 to $AU10, and you can win the top prize of $AU100K. In this game, you will have to hit three Santas in a row using a traditional 3×3 configuration.

The Santa Scratch backdrop is a familiar iconic Christmas scene, with snowy hills and plenty of seasonal treats waiting to be uncovered including stars, snow globes, presents, and Christmas trees. There’s also fun to be had with three animated characters; Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, the Gingerbread Man, and Santa himself.

The aim of the game is to match three Santa symbols in a line anywhere on your card. These lines must form a row, column, or diagonal line to be a winner, and will pay out the prize that shows at the top of your card. Watch for the animations when you win as Santa will kick into action and you’ll see the game really come to life.

To play, set your card value using the + and – buttons. You don’t need bags of cash to get started – online scratch cards start from $0.10 per game and you can enjoy the game in Practice mode for virtual chips.

Once you have the bet in place, remove the nine covered areas on your Santa Scratch card to reveal what’s underneath. Scratch All for an instant result, or scratch one area at a time using individual mouse clicks for a more nail-biting game. Only the Santa symbols payout, so look out for his jolly face as you scratch.

2. Whack a Jackpot

You can play this scratchie at Emu Casino, Casino-Mate, and Guts Casinos. Whack a Jackpot is a classic arcade game Whac-a-mole. The goal is to match three multipliers before hitting three strikes, and the card pays out up to 10,000 times the stake, ranging from $AU0.50 to $AU10.

You need just to turn it on and you will see a favorite game from all over the world. You won’t need any learning how to play it – because you were definitely doing it in your childhood! So, remember the automats, where we can see a lot of holes and some animals are getting out of them? At this moment you need to bit them and make them disappear! It is funny, easy, and takes off the stress! So, you need to match three values and you will get your bet x10,000! However, if you bit animals three times – and have three strikes – you will lose and finish the game. So, let’s press the “New Card” button and start this amazing session!

Playing with the real animals, like you are in the game! See really well-created beavers and use your value to prevent them from eating your vegetables! Feel this adventure for real! Scratch cards games have never been so close to reality. The idea of remaking an ordinary automat and making it this format not only catches attention but brings a lot of new emotions! Play and win – it is easy and funny!

3. Lucky Numbers


Both Casino-Mate and Emu Casino offer Lucky Numbers, which is a popular real money scratchie game from Microgaming that uses an Ancient China-based theme. Each card has two games with a default card price of $2 which can win independently. With the top prize of 8,888X, one side is an instant win and the other side is a match game.

According to traditional and ancient philosophy, the number 8 represents both fortunes as well as providence. The subject of receiving fortune definitely makes sense while playing this oriental Instant Win scratch card game containing two games in one.

The scratch card is separated into two games; Lucky Match and Lucky 8. Lucky Match consists of 6 different symbols for you to scratch where you have to match three of them to win the matching prize amount. The prize is the symbol that you successfully match and it’s multiplied with the initial amount staked. Lucky 8 is a gong that you will hit. If the Gong reveals an ‘8,’ you will win the prize displayed below. In order to reveal any luck, players first need to place a wager that starts from $0.50 to $10.00.

Lucky Numbers is a superb choice for any player who’s looking for two chances of winning instantly through scratch cards. The game is simple and the payouts are great. All the necessary buttons are clearly displayed making navigation extremely easy. This great online virtual scratch card is beautifully designed and creatively laid out for instant visual gratification.

4. The Rocky Jackpot

Rocky scratch
Rocky scratch

The Rocky real money scratchie games are available at Mansion Casino which is inspired by the first four Rocky films. You need to face off against Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, and Ivan Drago to hit the multiplier. The default card price is $1, but you can play for as little as $0.10 or as much as $100.

The first thing to decide is how much you want to risk on Rocky. Cards range in price from as little as a cent to a heavyweight $100. The jackpot is relative to the stake risked. A single-cent card could win you $50. Bet $100, however, and you could collect a scratch card fortune worth a cool $500,000.

The game format is very simple. You have three cards to scratch. You can choose from Apollo Creed’ – ‘The Master of Disaster’, Ivan Draco – ‘The Siberian Bull’, or Clubber Lang – ‘The Southside Slugger’.

Each card comes with a brief movie clip from the Rocky franchise. In the animations, Rocky is shown either winning or losing against his selected opponent. As you have probably guessed if Rocky wins you take home the prize. The winning amount is completely random and changes all the time.

Rocky Scratch is one of the scores of engaging scratch cards you can enjoy at online casinos.

5. The Lost Maya

The lost Maya scratch
The lost Maya scratch

The Lost Maya scratchie is offered by Scratch2Cash, which has 3D graphics. The game involves discovering a hidden prize by selecting one of three doors, and the highest prize is a 10,000X payout. Playing real money scratchie offers a top stake of $20 and thus a top payout of $200,000 apart from the highest prize.

The Lost Maya is a new online scratch card that is based on a Mayan theme. The Maya Civilization left us some truly unique architecture and this is brought to us in The Lost Maya scratch card. The game gives you the opportunity to play Indiana Jones who is hunting for long-lost hidden treasures in a Mayan Temple.

The graphics for this online scratch card game are superb and transport you into an ancient stone chamber filled with snakes and mysterious stone doors that hide untold treasures. Revealing these hidden treasures is fun and easy. Just choose the amount you wish to bet, click on the “Prize” statue. Then click on any one of the three stone doors. If you reveal the golden treasure behind any one of the doors you are a winner.

You can start betting from as low as $0.50 and there is a maximum bet of $10.

While scratching your way through you can win as much as $100,000 with this unforgettable game which can be played at casinos run on the Neogames platform.

If you want to try your luck and enjoy real money scratchies, these are some of the most popular and enticing scratchies that you can play which are easily available in most of the casinos.