5 Best Board Games You Must try in 2019

In the past decade, several board games have been introduced to online casino games in various guises. Of course, while some retain their original format, others have had to be more innovative to make them playable for real money. Whenever you get stuck with a chilling day and no friends to play poker with – try out these five board games worth a wager.

  1. Home Board Games

In this conventional game, you can convert the scoring system of the game into real money by having control of the risks and stakes. For instance, in Monopoly board game, each player gets an initial bank of 1500. You can adjust the game by scaling down everything to your level like cutting down the initial bank by 100% to 10, meaning Park Lane’s price would drop from 350 to 3.50.

  1. Backgammon

Backgammon is one of the most delicate conventional board games across the world, delivering a unique blend of entertainment, skill, strategy, and gambling potential. In many ways, the features backgammon is similar to online poker. However, poker especially online isn’t played on a board, whereas backgammon is.

This board game has got a lot of traction in online casinos as it is played with some real strategy and skill. In addition, different natures of online backgammon exist, which include playing against the computer, backgammon tournaments and gaming 1-1 against other players.

  1. Mahjong

This ancient game of Mahjong has been in vogue for thousands of years, reaching out the West from its origins in the Far East. If you can’t visit the best casino in Macau to experience it in person, you can easily play it at home. The amazing pleasure of Mahjong board games can be enjoyed in several online casinos, with so many versions that will let you play solo or you can participate in the multiplayer games and competitions.

The major objective of the game is to select tiles from those dealt face-down on the board to make full suit hands. There are several online casinos allowing you to play Mahjong for free in the demo version, which is perfect to get grips with the rules.

  1. Monopoly

The Monopoly game has been a huge hit since it was released as a board game in the 1900s. Although this traditional game can’t be played in online casinos, you can find a range of Monopoly slot machines that have strong resemblances of the original game, including Monopoly Slot and Monopoly Legends video slots. The slot recently released by software developer IGT, which is called Super Monopoly Money has an innovative Paris backdrop, shifting the game away from its London origins.

This video slot game has 20 paylines, five reels, a return-to-player level of 95.76% and a coin size of 0.01 to 10.00. The features of this slot are known to be the replication of the chance cards seen on the authentic board, like the Free Parking Bonus. It is triggered when the car symbol lands on the reels in the right configuration. You can then pick a car to win wild bonuses and payouts. Roulette varieties of Monopoly have also been released along similar lines, offering a nostalgic hit of the classic board game.

  1. Cluedo

In every occasion, weather and place, Cluedo is an iconic board game that has been going strong since it was first introduced in 1949. Many online slot developers have created ‘spin-offs’ of the board game, like Party Gaming’s Cluedo and Clue Spinning Detective by WMS Gaming. If you search out online casinos you will land with some range of games based on the original characters, rooms, and features.

Party Gaming’s version has multiple symbols like Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White and Peacock, with highly animated fun when you hit the winning combinations. This slot machine ensures of giving you the feeling of the board game, even if solving the mystery is more about luck.

With Cluedo, you can enter a set stake like 1.00 and the winner takes the pot. Usually, most board games are based on luck, so it’s not a great idea to pile in opt for big stakes – but it can up the fun and competitiveness when you actually plan to put few pennies into the mix.

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