11 Māori Names with its Unique Meaning

Every language displays its simplicity and authenticity. Just like Te Reo Māori that has some of the most beautiful words and equally gorgeous meanings behind them. Here you will find 11 Māori Names with their Unique Meaning. This indigenous New Zealand language has provided us a lot and hence below are some of the words and their meaning behind them of the Te Re Maori:

11 Māori Names with their Unique Meaning

1. Aroha


The word Aroha implies ‘love, empathy, and compassion just like one should be! It is a girl’s name and the way to pronounce it is by stressing enough on the r’s, pronounce: Aroha as ah-roh-huh.

2. Ataahua


The word Ataahua implies ‘beautiful’ which is also a girl’s name.

3. Whetū


You know the girl is going to be one when even her name implies Whetu meaning ‘star’. Sometimes it also means celestial bodies like comets. Pronunciation is as follows: wh’ in Whetu with a soft ‘f’ sound.

4. Kahurangi

It might be ambiguous to understand someone’s gender based on this particular name as it might be used for both boys and girls. Kahurangi has multiple meanings such as ‘blue’, ‘prized’, or ‘precious’.

5. Moana


Another girl’s name that you might be familiar with is Moana that means ‘ocean’ or sea. It is also a very renowned ani1mated Disney movie. The pronunciation goes like moh-ah-nah.

6. Ngaio


This name Ngaio means someone who is ‘clever and ‘professional’, you might have heard it before somewhere if you listen to too much news and crime. While pronouncing it think of the New Zealand writer Dame Ngaio Marsh wherein the name Ngaio the letter ‘g’ is silent and the word Ngaio is pronounced as nai-oh.

7. Tangaroa


A boy’s name in general, Tangaroa means the god of sea and fish. It is pronounced as than-gah-roh-uh.

8. Rongo


Another word with different meanings like ‘Saturn’ and ‘peace after war’, Rongo is a boy’s name and is pronounced as ron-go.

9. Marama


Another girl’s name, Marama implies the ‘moon’, as well as ‘brightness’ or ‘clearness’. It is pronounced as mah-ruh-muh.

10. Tāne


Meaning ‘man’, the name Tane is given to the Maori and the Polynesian god of the forest. It is pronounced as taah-neh.

11. Tāwhiri


A very inviting name, Tawhiri is a call of welcome in the Maori mythology which also means that in the mythology Tawhiri-matea is the god of rain, hail, snow, winds, clouds, and storm. It is a boy’s name and is pronounced as taah-fee-ree.

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